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Pumping Gas

One of the new entrants into Mexico’s retail fuel market is taking steps to protect its tanker trucks from a costly and ongoing threat to the petroleum industry.

Oxxo Gas stations, which have begun to appear in Nuevo León, will be supplied by a logistics arm of parent company FEMSA with a fleet of more than 300 trucks.

In addition to a radar system intended to avoid collisions and going off the road, automated communications systems will allow the location of both tractor and trailer to be monitored 24 hours a day.

In addition, fuel cannot be removed from the truck while in transit: the valves can only be opened when it arrives at its destination.

The vehicles are also equipped with a warning system that alerts authorities if there is something awry.

Pemex, the state oil company, estimates that on average there are 11.7 fuel thefts every month in Nuevo León, in which petroleum products are stolen from either pipelines or tanker trucks.

Meanwhile, Oxxo is also considering whether to add propane, natural gas and battery charges to the products it offers.

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