Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I chose Alert 86 over other security options?
  1. Alert 86 uses tried and true technology that’s been proven to stopping the bad guys.
  2. It’s backed by FlintLoc, a company that’s been serving the fueling industry for the better part of a decade.
  3. We have the best, qualified and caring team in place, dedicated to supporting our customers.
How is Alert 86 better than using lock upgrades or tamper decals?
  1. Alert 86 will let your employees know instantly when the dispenser is breached (decals and locks don’t).
  2. Alert 86 with optional Wifi can also alert up to three people at the same time (locks and decals can’t).
How long does the install take and will my business be interrupted?
  1. One-three hours depending on the number of dispensers included in the system ordered—typically 20-30 minutes per dispenser, start to finish.
  2. To avoid interrupting sales, we recommend that you block off one side of the dispenser at a time minimizing interruptions.
  3. The smart panel securely mounts to the inside dispenser wall with the provided mounting kit for long-term, trouble-free service.

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