Pumping Gas

A high speed chase in Harvey County ended with a crash and a Hesston police vehicle destroyed by fire.

Newton police said the chase began around 1 p.m. Thursday, as officers were trying to stop a vehicle that reportedly was involved in a fuel theft from a gas station in McPherson County. The vehicle reached speeds over 100 miles an hour during the chase, and police said the driver was swerving and trying to run officers off the highway.

The vehicle crashed into another car on I-135 at mile marker 45, and the driver tried to get away on foot, but he was caught a short time later. The man said he was a parole absconder from another state and he had stolen the vehicle.

The drivers of the cars were taken toi a hospital for examination.

A Hesston patrol car was destroyed when a spark from the brakes or exhaust caused a grass fire.