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Pumping Gas

ORLANDO, Fla. —Four men have been arrested in Orlando, accused of using more than 100 counterfeit credit cards to purchase diesel fuel, authorities said.

Investigators with the Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement arrested Yunier Pelier-Rey, 31, William Gonzalez, 46, Armando Crespo-Gonzalez, 30, and Alejandro Corrales-Rodriguez, 30.

The four men face felony charges of unlawful conveyance of fuel. Pelier-Rey and Crespo-Gonzalez face additional charges for trafficking in counterfeit credit cards.

The men had 144 fraudulent credit cards, authorities said.

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam said criminals purchasing fuel with stolen financial information is common. They resell the fuel on the black market, he said.