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Flintloc Stops Gas and Data Theft

A data thief attempted to open a pump at a gas station in Los Angeles. The station was protected by Flintloc. The alarm sounded and power to the pump was shut off. The station attendant wrote down the license number and called the police. There was no damage to the pump and no lost gas or data. The thief is now behind bars thanks to Flintloc.

Shell Tackles Gasoline Pump Fraud

HOUSTON -- A Counterfeit Skimming Initiative has produced a "significant reduction" in gasoline pump skimmers being placed on equipment at Shell-branded gas stations.

Acknowledging that pump fraud has become a constant battle ground as gasoline prices hit new peaks each year, Shell Oil has been proactive in tackling the issue at the pump through new programs, proprietary anti-fraud tools and closer collaboration with card issuers and law enforcement.

Flint Loc Announces “Real Time” Security for Drop Tanks

In an effort to combat fuel theft from drop tanks, Flint Loc announced the successful integration between the Simmons fuel management system and its "Real Time" Security Solution. As such, a pump alarm will be triggered when 50 or more gallons of fuel are suddenly removed from a drop tank.

The measure is designed to help diminish the risk of drop tank theft, where thieves steal gasoline by driving a panel van with a hole in its floor over a drop tank and take hundreds of gallons of fuel while the sales clerk is distracted.

Man used ID theft, $2 million in stolen cash to fuel lavish lifestyle in S. Fla., feds say

He traveled, gambled and had an affinity for shiny objects: a Rolex watch, two Maseratis and a bright orange Jaguar convertible.
He also bought a luxury downtown Miami condo in a $775,000 all-cash deal, investigators say.
But Gerti Muho's high-flying lifestyle was fueled by lies, stolen identities and more than $2 million in stolen cash, federal prosecutors say.
His adventure came to an end last month when federal agents captured him at his mother's home in Queens, N.Y. They recently moved him to the Broward County Jail, and he will remain until his trial.

Copper wire, diesel fuel theft

SUDLERSVILLE — The Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 1400 Block of Millington Road at about 4:43 p.m. on June 10 to a reported theft and malicious destruction of property, according to law enforcement.
A Sudlersville man reported that someone removed 150 inches of copper wire from an irrigation unit in a field. In addition to the copper wire theft, almost 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel was missing from a tank at the location.
The total damages and loss was estimated at about $4,000, the sheriff's office report stated.

Bookkeeper arrested for felony theft

A bookkeeper for Gem Electric was arrested for making unauthorized purchases with a company fuel card, according to Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.
Connie Sims, 58, made several fuel purchases with the unauthorized card between March 2015 and March 2016. She also gave herself mileage reimbursements without the consent of the business owner. The total loss was $4,609.72.
Sims was arrested following an investigation by Detective Yomeka Evans. She was booked into jail for felony theft.


Lawsuit alleges that Visa and MasterCard are colluding to prevent the adoption of the more secure chip and PIN technology so that they can maintain market dominance and profits.
June 16, 2016
​ATLANTA – Home Depot has filed a federal lawsuit against Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc., alleging that the card companies are using security measures prone to fraud, putting retailers and customers at risk of hacking attacks by cyber thieves, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Travis Co. deputies find card skimmers at 3 gas stations

Card skimmers have been found at the pump of three Travis County gas stations.
Travis County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Roger Wade says they became aware of the issue when people started calling and complaining of fraudulent charges on their card after getting gas at certain locations.
Wade says investigators went to 60 stations around the county but found nothing. Pictures of skimmers were passed out to gas station owners who were told them to be on the lookout.

Former Merriam city official pleads guilty to stealing gas meant for city use

MERRIAM, Kan. - Former Merriam Public Works Director Randall "Randy" Carroll has pleaded guilty to felony official misconduct on Thursday morning.
The former Merriam Public Works director agreed to plead guilty to that charge in exchange for prosecutors dropping a felony theft charge against him.
"I think my reaction was basically disappointment on the whole issue,” said Merriam City Administrator Phil Lammers.
Lammers says Carroll was not only part of the city’s leadership team, but a personal friend he trusted.

Former Dunkerton police chief takes plea deal in theft case

DUNKERTON, Iowa (AP) - Authorities say Dunkerton's former police chief will receive probation as part of a plea deal on allegations that he used a city credit card to fuel his personal vehicle.
On Monday Timothy Schultz entered written Alford pleas, saying "the state has enough evidence to convict me of this offense, and I want to take advantage of the plea offer, although I do not believe I am guilty of committing this offense." Two felony charges he faced were downgraded to misdemeanors in exchange for his pleas.


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