Flintloc Stops Gas and Data Theft

A data thief attempted to open a pump at a gas station in Los Angeles. The station was protected by Flintloc. The alarm sounded and power to the pump was shut off. The station attendant wrote down the license number and called the police. There was no damage to the pump and no lost gas or data. The thief is now behind bars thanks to Flintloc.

Shell Tackles Gasoline Pump Fraud

By Carole Donoghue

CSP Daily News

HOUSTON -- A Counterfeit Skimming Initiative has produced a "significant reduction" in gasoline pump skimmers being placed on equipment at Shell-branded gas stations.

Flint Loc Announces “Real Time” Security for Drop Tanks

DUNCAN FALLS, OH – In an effort to combat fuel theft from drop tanks, Flint Loc announced earlier this week the successful integration between the Simmons fuel management system and its “Real Time” Security Solution. As such, a pump alarm will be triggered when 50 or more gallons of fuel are suddenly removed from a drop tank.

Fuel theft thwarted

The keen eye of a clerk and business owner mixed with a swift response by Pasco Sheriff’s Office deputies led to the arrest of two individuals scheming to steal fuel from a Lutz gas station Thursday night.
Yannier Arias, 27, and Yomaris Martinez, 20, both of 9709 N. Armenia Avenue in Tampa, remain in custody at the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center. Also recovered was the pair’s 1998 Dodge Caravan, which contained a 250-gallon container in the back of the van, used to store gasoline.

Police: Gas thefts spike in Kennewick

KENNEWICK — About $2,000 worth of gas has been siphoned from Ben Franklin Transit vehicles during a recent rash of fuel thefts around the Tri-Cities, officials said Wednesday.
Terry DeJuan, a transit employee, estimates 20 vehicles used in a ride share program have had gas stolen out of them.
The vehicles are parked in lots at different locations in the Tri-Cities and the full-sized vans hold between 32 and 34 gallons of gas, he said.
The thefts have caused headaches for volunteer drivers and commuters when they show up in the morning to get to work, DeJuan said.

Sheriff’s Office seeking info on suspects in fuel theft

SALINA- The Saline County Sheriff’s office is the public’s help to identify two suspects in a fuel theft in the Bridgeport area on Saturday night.
Sheriff Glen Kochanowski reported 25 gallons of gas were taken from a fuel tank owned by a rural Saline County resident.The photo was taken from a surveillance camera that caught two men putting the fuel into a white late model Pontiac Grand Prix.
If you think you may have information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects, you are asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 785-826-6500, or Crimestoppers at 785-825-TIPS.


BOSTON – Despite the hacking theft of some 40 million debit and credit card numbers from Target Corp. last year, most banks say they are not yet ready to begin large-scale distribution of the more secure cards that are common in Europe, according to a Boston Globe article.

Washington D.C. Fusion Center Bulletin: Nationwide Fuel Theft Trend

Summary: Incidents involving the theft of fuel (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, ethanol, etc.) from fuel storage tanks have been reported across the United States. Fuel theft has significant health and safety implications, including risk for spills, fires, and explosions. Fuel thieves typically do not adhere to security standards or practices, and may inadvertently expose fuel to a hot engine, lit cigarette, or ignition source.

Oregon State Police captain to plead guilty in fuel theft case

Jeff R. Lanz, the Oregon State Police captain in charge of internal affairs, is scheduled to plead guilty to a single criminal charge next week related to the theft of gasoline.Lanz, 39, of Albany, was charged last month with six counts of first-degree official misconduct and six counts of third-degree theft. He is accused of using a state-issued gas card six times since last October to fuel a personal vehicle.

Joplin Police Department Report Increase in Gasoline Theft

JOPLIN, MO.--- The Joplin Police Department is reporting 58 gasoline thefts throughout the city so far this year. 
"Some of the things that the convenience stores can do to help prevent this crime is just require everybody to pre-pay for their gas. It's not always the convenience thing for them, however it would cut down on the number of thefts," said Lt. Matt Stewart, Joplin Police Department Pio.


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