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Flintloc Stops Gas and Data Theft

A data thief attempted to open a pump at a gas station in Los Angeles. The station was protected by Flintloc. The alarm sounded and power to the pump was shut off. The station attendant wrote down the license number and called the police. There was no damage to the pump and no lost gas or data. The thief is now behind bars thanks to Flintloc.

Shell Tackles Gasoline Pump Fraud

HOUSTON -- A Counterfeit Skimming Initiative has produced a "significant reduction" in gasoline pump skimmers being placed on equipment at Shell-branded gas stations.

Acknowledging that pump fraud has become a constant battle ground as gasoline prices hit new peaks each year, Shell Oil has been proactive in tackling the issue at the pump through new programs, proprietary anti-fraud tools and closer collaboration with card issuers and law enforcement.

Flint Loc Announces “Real Time” Security for Drop Tanks

In an effort to combat fuel theft from drop tanks, Flint Loc announced the successful integration between the Simmons fuel management system and its "Real Time" Security Solution. As such, a pump alarm will be triggered when 50 or more gallons of fuel are suddenly removed from a drop tank.

The measure is designed to help diminish the risk of drop tank theft, where thieves steal gasoline by driving a panel van with a hole in its floor over a drop tank and take hundreds of gallons of fuel while the sales clerk is distracted.

KCSO investigating fuel thefts

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - The Kern County Sheriff's Office is looking for a man who they say is possibly associated with fuel theft.
The sheriff's office says it has investigated fuel thefts south of Bakersfield over the last several months.
Photos were released Friday that show a "subject and vehicle possibly involved," according to the sheriff's office. The pickup has a license plate No. 3U11997.
Anyone with information helpful to the investigation is asked to call the sheriff's office at (661) 448-4253.

Police investigating stolen fuel

HARVEY — The Chocolay Township Police are investigating the larceny of over $100 in fuel.
The theft occurred on September 6 at the Holiday Gas station in Harvey. The subject, shown in the above picture, is wanted in questioning for the larceny.
The subject was driving a gray GMC pickup. The truck was a four door model with a Tonneau cover and is also believed to be a diesel truck.
Anyone with any information regarding this matter is asked to contact the Chocolay Township Police Department at (906)249-4040.

Credit-Gas Theft, Fraud Epidemic; Credit-Cardless Online Shopping Gets Easier

There are a lot going on in the credit card industry, from credit card and gas related theft and fraud to online shopping without credit cards.
Forbes reports on each of this credit card news. First, there is a fast spreading epidemic in the credit-card and gas-station industries where thieves are pumping gas illegally for profit. Meanwhile, a new Swedish checkout service allows people to shop online without using credit cards.

Fuel station worker accused of stealing

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
An employee of the fuel station at a Shelbyville grocery is accused of stealing cash, lottery tickets and merchandise.
Kaitlyn Rose Pierson, 19, of Temple Ford was arrested Monday at Kroger, North Main Street, police said.
Pierson allegedly took $1,403.70 between July 28 and Aug. 24, a Kroger loss prevention employee told police.

ID-theft-protection industry is like a protection racket

After writing often about identity theft mostly as a consumer nightmare, it dawned on me recently why I find the topic irksome as well as scary. It's the role of the $3 billion-a-year ID-theft-protection industry - which includes companies that sell credit monitoring as "protection" from a crime that, wearing another hat, they fuel.
Confused? Ask yourself why it's harder for you to get $200 of your own money from an ATM near a store's entrance than it is for a fraudster to get $500 in instant credit using your name at checkout.

Medicine Hat Man charged with diesel fuel thefts

The MHPS Priority Street Crimes Unit concluded an investigation into several recent diesel fuel thefts with the arrest of a 25 year old Medicine Hat male, Denis Karasuljic, on August 25, 2015.
On five separate occasions, between June 16 and July 31,2015, diesel fuel thefts were reported in the Brier Park North West area of Medicine Hat, resulting in approximately 2,000 liters of fuel being stolen.

Men wanted for burglary, larceny of fuel arrested

Two men wanted by the Colleton County Sheriff's Office on charges of burglary-second degree and larceny of fuel from a vehicle have been arrested.
A representative with the office says Enos Legare Reeves II was arrested by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office, an agency he also had outstanding warrants with. A man named Terry Johnson was also arrested.
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