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Flintloc Stops Gas and Data Theft

A data thief attempted to open a pump at a gas station in Los Angeles. The station was protected by Flintloc. The alarm sounded and power to the pump was shut off. The station attendant wrote down the license number and called the police. There was no damage to the pump and no lost gas or data. The thief is now behind bars thanks to Flintloc.

Shell Tackles Gasoline Pump Fraud

HOUSTON -- A Counterfeit Skimming Initiative has produced a "significant reduction" in gasoline pump skimmers being placed on equipment at Shell-branded gas stations.

Acknowledging that pump fraud has become a constant battle ground as gasoline prices hit new peaks each year, Shell Oil has been proactive in tackling the issue at the pump through new programs, proprietary anti-fraud tools and closer collaboration with card issuers and law enforcement.

Flint Loc Announces “Real Time” Security for Drop Tanks

In an effort to combat fuel theft from drop tanks, Flint Loc announced the successful integration between the Simmons fuel management system and its "Real Time" Security Solution. As such, a pump alarm will be triggered when 50 or more gallons of fuel are suddenly removed from a drop tank.

The measure is designed to help diminish the risk of drop tank theft, where thieves steal gasoline by driving a panel van with a hole in its floor over a drop tank and take hundreds of gallons of fuel while the sales clerk is distracted.

Those Gas Pump “Anti-Skimming” Stickers Are Really Just Pointless Decoration

More than four years ago, a number of gas stations in the U.S. started slapping stickers on gas pump credit card readers in an effort to cut down on illegal card skimmers that steal customers’ payment info. And almost immediately, these same gas stations showed they had no idea what to do with these stickers. A new report shows that not only do some companies not really care about these stickers, but that anyone can buy them.

Skimming Devices Found on Two Waverly Fuel Pumps

WAVERLY, Neb. -- The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office is warning customers of a Waverly convenience store to be on the lookout for fraudulence changes after skimming devices were found on two fuel pumps.
On Saturday, employees at the Casey’s General Store in Waverly discovered the devices. Deputies say the devices were attached to the internal circuitry of two fuel pumps.
Investigators are now encouraging anyone who bought fuel at the Casey’s General Store to diligently monitor debit or credit card account activity.

Credit-Card Fraudsters Pump Gas Stations for Profit

Updated Sept. 3, 2015 12:55 p.m. ET
Credit-card fraudsters are filling up at the gas pump.
As motorists head out on the last big driving weekend of the summer, the credit-card industry and gas-station owners are deploying everything from sophisticated software to heavy-duty padlocks to combat an epidemic of fuel-related theft and fraud.

Credit card skimming machine found at Davenport Casey’s General Store, plus 6 in Nebraska

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Casey’s General Stores says it found credit card skimming devices at seven of its locations including one in Davenport.
On Tuesday, October 27, 2015, the company announced that the devices were found at six stores in Nebraska and one at the Casey’s on Route 61, just west of I-280 at 11200 140th St. Pl.
List of affected stores:
4150 W. US Highway 30, Grand Island, NE 68803
108 W. 8th, Wood River, NE 68883
705 2nd Avenue, Kearney, NE 68847
115 E. Nobes Road, York, NE 68467
15275 Weir Plaza, Omaha, NE 68127

Deputies warn of credit card skimmers on gas pumps

Updated: 10/16/2015 6:15 PM
Created: 10/16/2015 5:14 PM
If you use a credit card to pump gas, you should know about a scheme deputies are warning residents about.
Deputies say devices have been found installed by thieves on pumps to steal credit card information after the card is swiped. We're told at least four local gas stations were targeted by scam artists.

Authorities Warn of Gas Station Credit Card Scam

They steal your money with just one swipe.
Investigators say that's what's happening at many gas stations in Southern California.
Paul Jordan couldn't believe it when he found a skimmer in a gas pump, one he had just used to fill up.
"It was pretty obvious there was something wrong, but it was almost a little shocking," he said.
As a supervising inspector for the Ventura County Division of Weights and Measures, his job is to find fraud at the pump but last month he became a victim of identity theft.
"Technically I owe them $500," he said.

Police searching for Hurst ATM theft suspects

DALLAS -- Police are searching for those responsible for two ATM thefts in Hurst this week.
The first took place Monday at about 5 a.m. at the Norwood Quick Stop on Norwood Drive when a white Ford F-250 pickup truck drove into the wall of the store. The suspects stole the ATM and took off.
Wednesday at about 3:45 a.m., a red Ford F-450 drove into a Valero convenience store on West Hurst Boulevard, with the suspects taking off with the ATM.
Those who frequent the convenience store were shocked when they saw the entire store front destroyed.


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