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Flintloc Stops Gas and Data Theft

A data thief attempted to open a pump at a gas station in Los Angeles. The station was protected by Flintloc. The alarm sounded and power to the pump was shut off. The station attendant wrote down the license number and called the police. There was no damage to the pump and no lost gas or data. The thief is now behind bars thanks to Flintloc.

Shell Tackles Gasoline Pump Fraud

HOUSTON -- A Counterfeit Skimming Initiative has produced a "significant reduction" in gasoline pump skimmers being placed on equipment at Shell-branded gas stations.

Acknowledging that pump fraud has become a constant battle ground as gasoline prices hit new peaks each year, Shell Oil has been proactive in tackling the issue at the pump through new programs, proprietary anti-fraud tools and closer collaboration with card issuers and law enforcement.

Flint Loc Announces “Real Time” Security for Drop Tanks

In an effort to combat fuel theft from drop tanks, Flint Loc announced the successful integration between the Simmons fuel management system and its "Real Time" Security Solution. As such, a pump alarm will be triggered when 50 or more gallons of fuel are suddenly removed from a drop tank.

The measure is designed to help diminish the risk of drop tank theft, where thieves steal gasoline by driving a panel van with a hole in its floor over a drop tank and take hundreds of gallons of fuel while the sales clerk is distracted.

Albany woman indicted for getting gas pumpers to help in theft

An Albany woman has been indicted on 32 counts of financial transaction card theft and forgery. She is accused of convincing people at the gas pump to help her steal from her employer, an Albany landscaping company.
Prosecutors said from April 2014 through June, Dawn Exum approached customers at Homerun Foods store gas pumps, letting them use her employer's credit card to buy gas if they would give her cash.
Prosecutors say they have evidence that at least 26 people gave her cash.

Roxbury mechanic admits stealing 1,900 gallons of fuel from schools

Authorities say the lead mechanic for the Roxbury Township Board of Education stole about 1,900 gallons worth of fuel over the course of 10 months -- using some for personal gain and selling the rest to third parties.
According to an announcement from the Morris County Prosecutor's Office, Matthew Hofgesang, 47, of Kenvil pleaded guilty to theft Tuesday. He was sentenced Tuesday to a year probation and a required $8,150 restitution to the school board. Judge Stuart A, Minkowitz also required him to forfeit public employment in New Jersey.

Roxbury school district mechanic admits stealing gas

A head mechanic for the Roxbury Board of Education agreed to forfeit his job immediately and pay $8,150 in restitution after pleading guilty to stealing about 1,900 gallons of gas and diesel fuel from township-owned pumps over a nine-month period.
“I’m sorry for what I did your honor,” Matthew Hofgesang, 47, of Kenvil, told Superior Court Judge Stuart Minkowitz in Morristown.
“I accept responsibility for it and I have to live with it for the rest of my life,” Hofgesang said.

Two Cubans arrested in diesel theft ring targeting Saluda Co. truck stops

 The Saluda County Sheriff's office says deputies arrested two Cuban nationals accused of stealing diesel fuel from area truck stops.
Julio Cesar Chirino Fernandez, 44, and Cesar Jesus Caballero Masineria, 58, are being held on $50,000 bond at the Saluda County Detention Center. 
Investigators say the two traveled through Saluda County several times and altered the pumps at a truck stop by using a bypass device. Deputies say the device appears to be homemade.

Gang steal fuel from council depot TWICE in a month

Council chiefs promise to review security after thieves siphon off 1,000 litres from the Commercial Road depot
A gang has stolen fuel from a council waste depot for the SECOND time in a month.
Thieves drained eight refuse collection vehicles at Commercial Road depot in Macclesfield overnight on Thursday (March 12).
It is estimated that 1,000 litres worth around £1,000 was siphoned off.
Police believe the raid would have required a group of people using large vehicles over a period of several hours.

OPP investigate diesel fuel theft

County of Brant provincial police are investigating the theft of diesel fuel from vehicles at a Colborne Street West property.
Thieves attended the address sometime during the early morning on Wednesday and stole a quantity of fuel from parked trucks on the property.
Police urge vehicle owners to practice fuel theft prevention and to report any suspicious activity.
Fuel theft prevention tips:
-- Consider installing a locking gas cap.
-- Avoid parking in dark, isolated areas, especially for extended periods.

Man accused of stealing gas card arrested

On January 15, 2015 a Taft Substation deputy took a theft report from a Taft area trucking business.  
The business owner reported over $3,800 in fuel was stolen over several weeks at the end of 2014.  
A Taft Substation Detective initiated an investigation into the theft.  
During the course of the two month investigation the Detective was able to identify 39-year old Bakersfield resident Daniel Long as the suspect in the case. 
Detectives said Long used a stolen fuel card from the business to fill up acquaintances’ vehicles with gas in exchange for cash.  


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